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WIB3 - Sea weather - NAVTEX - Barograph

For the PC (USB)



  • Receives sea-weather forecasts of the DWD on 147.3 kHz
  • Receives NAVTEX on 518 kHz (international, English)
  • Receives NAVTEX on 490 kHz (national, national language)
  • Reception range approx. 300 nautical miles around Hamburg (DWD)
  • Automatical message administration
  • Synop decoder
  • Precision-air-pressure-sensor with 0,1hPa resolution
  • Diagram of the air pressure process (max. 7 days)
  • Indication of air pressure tendency (3 hour)
  • Optical and acoustical storm-warning
  • Temperature indication
  • Internal ferrite rod antenna, no antenna installation necessary
  • Internal batteries for approx. 7 days cont. receipt without PC
  • Batteries will be loaded via PC
  • Non volatile data memory for more than 1000000 characters
  • A charger for 12/24V or 230V is optionally available


Sea weather forecast from the DWD


The German weather service sends sea-weather forecasts for the next 24 hours, 2-day-forecasts and 5-day-forcasts in German language on the long wave frequency 147.3 kHz.

In addition to the plain text sea-weather forecasts the DWD also sends encoded weather messages, the so-called Synop/Ship messages. Some PC programs are able to decode these and represent the data on a electronical sea chart.

Synop Messages

In addition to the well-known weather messages the DWD sends encoded meteorological data of firm weather stations and ships. The WIB3-Software decodes these data and indicates it in a map as wind arrows.

Additionally the Synop-data can also be indicated in plain text:


Call sign: 62133
Day: 2 Hour: 12h
Latitude of observation: 57.1 degrees.
North east.
Longitude of observation: 1.0 degrees.
Precipitation omitted, no observation.
Automated station, omitted, no weather observation.
Cloud base of lowest cloud seen (meters above ground): unknown.
Visibility: missing.
Total cloud cover: no observation.
Wind speed: 18 Knots (from anemometer).
Wind direction: 320 °.
Temperature: 9.9 °C.
Dewpoint: 2.1 °C.
Sea level pressure: 1010.7 hPa.
Pressure change over 3 hours: 4.1 hPa
Pressure tendency over 3 hours: Increasing steadily, resultant pressure higher.
Direction of ship movement: Calm.
Ship's average speed: 0 Knots.
Period of waves: 5 s.
Height of waves: 1.1 m.
Wave heights (instrumented): 1.8 m.
Wet bulb temperature: 6.6 °C.



With the help of the internal precision-air-pressure-sensor the air pressure will be stored during a period of max. seven days.
The air pressure process can be indicated on the PC in form of a gradient.
The weather info box supervises the air pressure process and activates an optical and acoustic alarm, if the air pressure changes fast (storm danger), also without PC.


NAVTEX from the costal radio stations


The equipment is able to receive world-wide the NAVTEX messages of the costal radio stations on the frequencies 490 kHz and 518 kHz. The messages on 518 kHz are sent in English language and on 490kHz they are sent in the respective national language.

The range of the NAVTEX- transmitters varies in dependence of the transmitting power.

NAVTEX messages include e.g.:

  • Nautical warnings
  • Distress messages
  • Weather forecasts
  • storm warnings

The handling of the weather info box will be carried out via a comfortable bilingual Windows software (German/English).

You can download the software for test purposes under Downloads.


The WIB3 is suitable for:

  • Windows XP
  • Windows Vista
  • Windows 7
  • Windows 8
  • Windows 10



12/24 V DC charger. For continuous operation on board, independently of the PC.
Item-No. 38153


230 V AC charger.
Item-No. 38154

Copyright (C) 2009 Mörer Schiffselektronik.



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Latest Software-updates

Software Version 1.3.40
Firmware version 1.2.4

Software Version 1.6.28
WIB3 Firmware 1.0.10 
WIB3S Firmware 1.0.3
WIB4S Firmware 1.0.1

Starting with firmware version 1.2.0 the WIB2D can be operated in Spanish and in French.
Software Version 1.0.22
WIB2/WIB2B Firmware 1.0.10
WIB2D Firmware 1.2.1

WIB2BX Firmware 1.0.10



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